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Shocks and Struts

While Shocks and Struts are both designed to limit body movement and give you a smooth ride, they are two completely different parts. A Strut is a part of the vehicle Suspension while a Shock is not. Alignment settings are adjusted on the Strut as well. A Shock Absorber is designed to keep your tires in constant contact with the road; by absorbing impacts and controlling the spring oscillations. This is done by internal hydraulics. Any loss of fluid affects the Shock’s ability to dampen the road effects. If you see any fluid wetness on a Shock it should be replaced. If a Shock loses enough fluid the Tires will not maintain contact with the road and can cause loss of Steering control.  If you are driving on a very rough road, the Tires will bounce wildly and without the solid contact with the road, your ability to Steer and Brake the vehicle is greatly diminished. Shock Absorbers also affect Tire Wear as Cupping will develop with weak Shock Absorbers. Have you ever seen a ... read more

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